Stage Lighting Trends

We love the trend toward LED lighting for stagesĀ at ourĀ events. It is a much more flexible option for stages than traditional lighting sources. LED lighting goes a long way in allowing us to use fewer fixtures to light more space. We save time on the lighting setup and it is [...]

Attention to Detail Creates Great Events

With so much at stake for every client we serve, I am discovering all of the ways "detail" helps our projects and events stand out from so many others. Unfortunately, if accomplished correctly, the details go unseen just because they add to the flawless experience for the client and the [...]

The Showpros is not just an ordinary A/V company

We are in the business of designing experiences that excite the mind and move the heart. Our projects are consistently successful, built on developing strong relationships with our clients. It takes many long hours to create something that connects our audiences, and we take great pride in creating results that [...]