We love the trend toward LED lighting for stages at our events. It is a much more flexible option for stages than traditional lighting sources. LED lighting goes a long way in allowing us to use fewer fixtures to light more space. We save time on the lighting setup and it is easier to change the lighting design should we have multiple shows.

The balanced lighting of LED’s allows fewer gaps in illumination for a really gorgeous display. LED pixel lights also have more color capabilities than traditional bulbs. Each individual light has red, green and blue pixels to make a wide array of colors much like computer monitors use to make colors on the screen.

We produce Business Theater and realize that lighting is just as important as the script and actors would be in a play. Lighting sets the mood for every scene, establishes the setting and relays the emotional intensity of each character.

Most of the available controllers now allow colors to be changed seamlessly onsite from a single console at show control. Using LED lighting we can easily keep up the pace or even add changes during the event to create a perfect mood for any show. This, along with the flexibility of our WatchOut video playback system lets our clients relax and enjoy the event, knowing that we are capable of seamlessly executing a flawless show for their audiences.