We are in the business of designing experiences that excite the mind and move the heart. Our projects are consistently successful, built on developing strong relationships with our clients. It takes many long hours to create something that connects our audiences, and we take great pride in creating results that exceed our client’s expectations.

Every day we are doing something that we have never done before from non-profit fundraising to corporate meetings to live entertainment.  Some people think that all we do is set up lighting, sound, and video screens for an event.  The answer to that is “No!”.  For any event to be successful requires months of preplanning, thinking, plotting, designing, content creation, making mistakes and most importantly “listening.”

Some people have called us “Eventers” but through it all they have developed a confidence in The Showpros that we will deliver a quality show that either informs or entertains or both. As Storytellers we craft your message to be delivered concise and clear.  As Producers, we’re dedicated to making every show that we do send goose bumps radiating throughout your senses.

If you want to do something different that will produce a result beyond your expectations . . . simply give us a call.  We are a talented creative group that has a passion for what we do. Let’s get to know each other and we’d love to hear your story.

“Have Show?  . . . We’ll Travel!
John Brown, President & Founder